The premiere was a great success! There will be a second showing of the movie at the Crescent Theater on Sunday, September 25th at 4pm. Tickets may be purchased at the Crescent Theater or through their website.


Written and Produced by Fairn Whatley and Suzanne Damrich
A story of the Monarch, its vanishing habitat and its unique relationship to the Gulf Coast…

Premiering Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 at the Crescent Theater

Mobile Botanical Gardens is proud to present the “eclosure” of a stunning visual story of the monarch butterfly and the effect of vanishing milkweed on its future. The gala, benefitting Mobile Botanical Gardens, starts at 7pm at the Larkins Music Center at 257 Dauphin Street with a Champagne and Dessert Reception. The premier of the film will follow at the Crescent Theater, with the introduction of the film by Fairn Whatley and Suzanne Damrich.

No paper ticket will be issued, instead your name will be on our guest list for the night of the event.

Brought to you by the generosity of:
Andrew Saunders
Erin Wheeler
Charmaine Anthony and Kirsten Kraljevic
Donna and Joe Camp
Elizabeth Downing
Helene Hassell
Kitty and Mike Meshad
Carlos and Harold Parkman
Greer and David Wilhelm
Cheryl McCormick-Hann—EdwardJones

Watch the beautiful movie trailer below!