Starting on September 19th 2015, the Gardens will be open from 9am to 4pm from Wednesdays through Sundays. The gates will be locked at 4pm.

We will be closed to visitors on MONDAYS and TUESDAYS. Call the office on 251 342 055 for appointments outside of the opening hours.

Tuesday, September 15 is the date of our Annual Membership Meeting.

Please come! It promises to be a delight for the senses. The theme for our meeting will be IMAGES of MBG. There’s so much beauty to celebrate at our Gardens, and the Petal Pushers will be serving their homemade treats.

It is with great sadness that we say our last goodbye to Elizabeth Tolbert. who died on August 18th, 2015 at the age of 94.

Ms Elizabeth volunteered at the Greenhouse for 19 plus years after her retirement – being the 4th volunteer to join the weekly Tuesday mornings. Her specialty was cuttings – she very precisely cut and placed cuttings in the right pots with the right pruners and the right stick for making holes! If her tools were missing, then she had the younger, more agile volunteers hunting them down! – and filling pots and watering. And we did it gladly!

She hated leaving space in a pot of cuttings – many a time we had to ask that she at least leave a few leaves on a “momma” plant so we could still see what it was! If you have ever bought a MBG propagated plant over the past years, then it was sure to have Elizabeth’s hand in its production!

In her own words from a newspaper article in 2003, “We do cuttings and then look at them later to see if they lived” – no doubt said with her playful smile and a twinkle in her eyes! Thousands lived – a fitting legacy of flowers!

For the past year or so when she has been unable to come to help we have missed her wonderful wry sense of humor! We will always remember her funny stories, her reflections on life, her festive Christmas sweaters, and her work and dedication to the MBG greenhouse.

Elizabeth always sat in the same place near the main door to the greenhouse – if she was away for some reason, others were allowed to sit there, with the words “You can be Elizabeth today”. Over the past year since she was unable to come to help, that chair has usually been empty. It will always be Elizabeth’s place, but if you come to help and hear those words, please be aware that although you may work in that spot, you will never be able to replace her!

Elizabeth’s family have asked that memorials be given to the Mobile Botanical Gardens in lieu of flowers. We are honored to have the privilege of honoring her life and longtime help at the Greenhouse.

– from Liz Duthie on behalf of the Greenhouse Crew.

Elizabeth Tolbert – Obituary

Elizabeth Tolbert post

Elizabeth taking cuttings of a Cuphea in 2003

Saturday, September 19th, from 9am until noon

Come on out for a morning at ReBloom Mobile MarketPlace where we will have pollinator plants galore – as well as a good selection of late summer and fall blooming plants!

We will also have:

A special presentation by local butterfly experts, Fairn Whatley & Suzanne Damrich. Fairn & Suzanne will show you the many types of butterflies and the plants that attract & feed them

Local Honey – the good stuff from some classy bees that visit the flowers of Fowl River in South Mobile County

Local Artists – watch for painters and sketchers in the Gardens as members of the Plein Air Painters create art that celebrates our butterflies, bees, birds and flowers. Several pieces will be for sale at the MarketPlace
Easy Gardens for the South – If you missed Harvey Cotten’s talk and book signing on Tuesday, you still have a chance to buy a signed copy of Harvey’s inspiring book, Easy Gardens for the South. We will have several copies available Saturday morning. This book is a wonderful resource for any gardener!

Photo of Fiery Skipper butterfly feasting on Blue Porterweed (Stachytarpheta species) used with kind permission from Patricia Pierce

Tuesday, September 8th, 10:30 am
Mark your calendar and make your reservations and buy your ticket for Tuesday morning after Labor Day!

Come for a talk by Harvey Cotten as he shares some of his favorite pollinator plants AND then shop for great MBG propagated butterfly & pollinator plants for your Gulf Coast gardens!

Harvey retired from Huntsville Botanical Garden last year after over 20 years during which the Garden grew from just 32 acres to 112 acres. Starting as a volunteer he played an integral part in the expansion as Executive Director, and is still active with their education programs and continuing development. He writes a weekly Gardening Column for the Huntsville Times and is a weekly guest on Noonday News on the local ABC affiliate. For more on Harvey visit his website (will open in new tab).

He will be bringing copies of his book “Easy Gardens for the South” for sale – co -authored with Pamela Crawford and Barbara Pleasant. This features over 150 plants, from annuals to trees, that require little care, providing lots of color while breezing through our hot, humid summers attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and wildlife. All tested by Harvey at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens!

10.30am – 11 am Refreshments will be provided by the Petal Pushers. Browse through our selection of plants for sale.
11am – 12 noon Harvey’s talk on host and nectar plants for butterflies and other pollinators
12 noon – 12.30pm or beyond… Harvey will have his book for sale, and you will have a good choice of plants in the Botanical Center and the Market Place.

$10 Members, $20 Nonmembers. Reservations requested

Questions? Contact the office at 251.342.0555 or email us with Subject line: Harvey Cotten Talk.

Thanks to Patricia Pierce for the use of her photo.

We are still in the planning stages, but SAVE THE DATE – September 19th!

That’s the next Market Place Sale with a special focus on Pollinator Plants! Butterflies, bees, hummingbird plants galore – as well as a good selection of late summer and fall blooming plants!

We are please to announce that Harvey Cotten of Huntsville Botanical Gardens will be coming to talk on Pollinator Plants in September!! September 8th 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. More details HERE!

This will be the second of our Featured Plant Sales! The first, July is Gingers Month, was a great success! and we are planning more in future months!

Thanks to Brad Boland for his great photo!

Our next major Market Place Sale will be in September!

But we have another way for you to buy! Follow the SHOP ONLINE link on the top menu!

You can also reach it from the Shop Now links on our Facebook Page! You do NOT have to have a Facebook Page, nor do you have to join Facebook to shop! Just ignore the Sign Up for Facebook messages, and SHOP!

Sales are for PICKUP only. We will be at the Market Place at MBG on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 9am to 11am for you to collect your pre-paid plants.

Email with subject Plant Pickup or Member Code if you need to arrange a different pickup time or if you have forgotten your membership code.

The prices shown include the 10% sales tax. Members can enter the shopping code sent in their membership confirmation AT CHECKOUT to receive a 10% discount on the total. That is our ‘thank you” for being a member and ordering and paying ahead of time! The discount applies to ONLINE sales only – we cannot give a member discount at regular Market Place Sales.

We are using Paypal to receive payments. You do NOT have to have a Paypal account to buy – Look for the box near the bottom that says Pay by debit or credit card or Paypal credit.You will then be able to enter your card details. If all else fails then email with a the names of the plants and quantities and we will send you an invoice to pay from!

We will be adding different plants weekly, but our current offerings are select Gingers and Citrus Trees – the citrus trees are at LOW, LOW PRICES – 50% off our usual retail price. So if you are yearning for a fresh from the garden Orange, Satsuma or Kumquat, take advantage of the price. Just make sure you keep them watered during summer dry spells in the containers or ground!


Effective as of August 1st 2015

Monday, Thursday and Friday – 7am to 4pm. Gates will be locked at 5pm.

*** NEW *** Saturday and Sunday – 7am – 11am Gates will be locked at 12 noon.


The gates to the main Gardens will be locked outside of the opening hours.

Access to the Longleaf Forest from the main Parking Plaza will remain open from dawn to dusk every day.

If you need access outside of these hours, please call the Office at (251) 342-055 to confirm.

There are some technical problems with the online store at the moment.
We can take pre-orders via email if you aren’t able to access the store pages.

The following gingers can be bought and collected on July 18th at the Market Place.

Costus malortieanus Stepladder Ginger 1 gal $8

Curcuma elata Giant Plume Hidden Ginger 1 gal $8
Curcuma ‘Emerald Choco-zebra’ quart $6 15
Curcuma inodora (now thinking this is ornata) 3 gal $12
Curcuma ‘Khymer Orange’ Burnt Orange Ginger quart $6
Curcuma longa Turmeric (edible rhizomes) 1 gal $8
Curcuma ‘Scarlet Fever’ Red Stemmed Ginger 1gal $8

Dichorisandra thrysiflora Blue Ginger 1gal $8

Hedychium ‘Ayo’ Butterfly Ginger Ayo 1 gal $8
Hedychium coronarium Butterfly Ginger White 1gal $8
Hedychium ‘Daniel Weeks’ Butterfly Ginger 3gal $12
Hedychium ‘ Dr Moy’ Butterfly Ginger, Variegated 1gal $10
Hedychium ‘Elizabeth’ Butterfly Ginger, Red-Orange 1gal $8
Hedychium gardenarium Kahili Ginger 1 gal $8
Hedychium ‘Luna Moth’ Butterfly Ginger—Luna Moth 1gal $8
Hedychium thrysiforme Pincushion Ginger 1gal $8

Kaempferia ‘Grande’ Grand Peacock Ginger 1gal $10
Kaempferia pulchra Bronze Peacock Ginger quart $6
Kaempferia pulchra ‘Silver Spot’ Silver Spot Peacock Ginger quart $6

All have been grown at the MBG Greenhouse. There are limited quantities. The 10% off member discount will be honored for orders through the online store and by email to the link below. The prices shown do not include the 10% sales tax.


Liz Duthie will be keeping track of orders, so please use the link to her email below.

email with the subject Ginger Order


Costus malortieanus

300 x 300

Curcuma ornata (aka inodora)

300 x 300

Curcuma ‘Scarlet Fever’

Hedychium coronarium

Hedychium coronarium

300 x 300

Hedychium ‘Elizabeth’

300 x 300

Hedychium thrysiforme


Curcuma elata

300 x 300

Curcuma ‘Khymer Orange”

300 x 300

Dichorisandra thrysifolia

300 x 300

Hedychium ‘Daniel Weeks’

300 x 300

Hedychium gardnerianum

300 x 300

Kaempferia ‘Grande’


Curcuma ‘Emerald Choco-Zebra’

300 x 300

Curcuma longa – Turmeric

300 x 300

Hedychium ‘Ayo’

Hedychium 'Dr Moy' - Variegated

Hedychium ‘Dr Moy’ – Variegated

300 x 300

Hedychium ‘Luna Moth’

300 x 300

Kaempferia pulchra ‘Silver Spot’


On Monday July 6th, staff moved quickly on Monday to remove the burned debris and plants from the center island in the Fragrance & Texture Garden. After careful removal, a barrier was replaced to stop soil from washing into the Koi Pond.

On the 7th, members of the horticultural committee assessed tree and shrub damage, and apart from the larger trees the area has been cleared. New irrigation to replace damage will be installed, hopefully before the end of this week.

Temporary plantings of annuals and easily transplanted perennials will be planted soon, while a more permanent planting plan is decided.

Although currently a “Moon-scape” the damaged area will rise from the ashes with plantings that echo the vision of the founding members – a garden that can be enjoyed by all through sight, scent and feel.

F&T Fire post update

Brad replacing Koi Pond barrier after fire damaged plants and debris removed. July 6th 2015

Removing burned plants and roots. July 7th 2015

Removing burned plants and roots. July 7th 2015

F&T Fire update July 6

Ground cleared of fire debris- “Moon Scape” July 6th 2015

Koi protected after clearing debris. July 7th 2015

Koi protected after clearing debris. July 7th 2015

JULY 5th

Sometime during the evening or night of Friday, July 3rd, a large area of the Fragrance & Texture garden was gutted by a fire started by random fireworks, according to the fire department.

We have lost lighting, irrigation, signage, most plants, and all the mulch. The bridge was only slightly damaged and the koi are safe, although now more vulnerable with the damage surrounding the pond – we have run temporary electrical supply to the waterfall pump unit.

We may never know the why, who, or where of how they were set off – but be aware fireworks should not be set off in the City limits, and they can cause a lot of damage!

Staff assessed the damage on Saturday, July 4th. Barriers have been erected around the Koi Pond to make sure ash residue does not get into the water. The pond water has been changed, and the pH level of the water is being monitored. We are doing all we can to ensure the health of the Koi.

Clean up and repairs will begin on Monday, July 6th. Irrigation will need to be replaced and/or repaired, electrical elements for the pond waterfall and lighting will need to be assessed, debris cleared, and trees assessed for fire damage before we can think of replanting. If you can help in any way, please let the office know via email or phone (251) 342 0555.

Fragrance & Texture Garden Damage

Fragrance & Texture Garden Damage

Fire Damage July 4th 2015

Fire Damage July 4th 2015