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Thursday, May 28, 7 pm in the Botanical Center

Pretty Pretty Pictures! Our new garden of Aromi Hybrid Native azaleas will be planted in the Fall. Maarten van der Geissen will be giving a preview of the collection and talk about why it is so special to Mobile. Dr Aromi, an ardent azalea hybridizer for over 30 years, left a fine heritage of over 100 named native azaleas, and Maarten, owner of van der Geissen Nursery in Semmes has been working with many of his seedlings since 2004. This will be a fascinating insight into the history of the Aromi Hybrids with the promise of what is to come in our new garden.

Free to members and $10 to non-members

Reservations requested – call (251) 342 0555 or email with reference to Aromi Talk in the subject line.

Spring Cleaning? If you have good give-away stuff please help the Gardens put on a BIG Yard Sale the last weekend in June.

Beginning Monday, May 4th, bring it out to the Gardens! And then come back to the Gardens on Friday and Saturday, June 26th and 27th to find something to fill that clean space you just created!

Here’s a list of what we can and cannot accept: Order Valium Online It will open in a new window.

We also need newspapers (without the ad inserts), plastic grocery bags, and medium to small boxes to be used at the sale. These items can be dropped off anytime at the MBG Office!

Questions? Please call us on (251) 342 0555 or email us at

Along with donations we are looking for volunteers to help:

Sort and price items before the sale,
Floor workers to help customers
Holding Area Attendants

Please call or email the office if you can help!

Valium Online Australia

Sunday, May 3rd 2pm – 4pm

Join members and friends of the MBG for a casual enjoyable and instructive walk in our 35-acre Longleaf Pine Treasure Forest.

Tours will be led by MBG member volunteers who have actively managed the woodland.

2.00pm – Meet at the Longleaf Trail Head, just off the MBG’s main parking plaza. Welcome & Longleaf History by Andrew Saunders, MBG President

2.15 – 3.30pm – Walking tour of the Longleaf in small groups led by John Goodloe, Keville Larson, Patrick McGough, Bill Finch, John Olive and Andrew Saunders.

3.30 – 4.00pm – Q&A and discussion with all participants will be led by John Goodloe, Chairman of MBG’s Longleaf Forest Management Committee

BYOB of water and put on your walking shoes!

This is a FREE event, but reservations are encouraged. Please call the Office at (251) 342 0555 or email