Start date: December 26, 2018

End date: January 4, 2019

Time: Wed - Fri, 9-4

Location: MBG Botanical Center

Presentation | Social

Reception Friday, Dec 28
5 – 7pm, MBG Botanical Center

THE PURSUIT OF FLORA: A Florilegium of the Plant Collections of the Mobile Botanical Gardens
“The City of Mobile sits in the middle of the biologically richest part of North America.” – E.O. Wilson

Within this environment, the Mobile Botanical Gardens (MBG), as a living museum of nature and plants, occupies a very special place. As a community organization, MBG is dedicated to serving the citizens of Mobile and the Gulf Coast region with a variety of educational programs and cultural events. In addition, it has the distinction of being home to many remarkable plants unique to Coastal Alabama, all of which can be found within the Garden’s diverse collections and include a Camellia Winter Garden, a Rhododendron Garden, a Longleaf Pine Forest, a Herb Garden, as well as woodland and other natural areas. All offer a respite from the stresses of the world and an ideal environment to find inspiration for drawing, painting and studying the richness of its flora. Against this backdrop, the Coastal Alabama Botanical Artists’ Circle (CABAC) the MBG botanical art students, and the MBG Sketch Club found inspiration to document, record and create a florilegium of the plant collections of the Gardens. Encouraged and guided by Ms. Robin Krchak, MBG Executive Director, and Mr. Fred Nation, field botanist extraordinaire, the result is the current collaborative exhibition. CABAC is a recently established entitiy of enthusiastic and dedicated botanical artists affiliated with the American Society of Botanical Artists. Consistent with ASBA’s mission, the Circle works to further interest in botanical art, conservation science, botany, and horticulture at the local level. The Circle also strives to emphasize the beauty and importance that plants play in our daily lives by increasing public awareness through education and promotion—but especially by exhibiting its members’ art in collaboration with local botanical gardens and institutions. Anyone with an interest in botanical art is most welcome to join CABAC’s frequent meetings or the MBG Botanical Sketch Club that meets every Friday afternoon at the Gardens. And as a reminder botanical art classes are always available as part of MBG’s ongoing educational and cultural programs.

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