About Us

MISSION STATEMENT Come Here to Grow Mobile Botanical Gardens provides experiences that help visitors of all ages appreciate and benefit from our unique Gulf Coast environment. The Gardens serve as a living classroom for residents and visitors alike. By providing a sense of place, we endeavor to instill passion for nature, and promote interest in gardening, conservation, and outdoor activities.

Robin Krchak, Executive Director
Amanda Wilkins, Curator of Collections
Nita Crandall, Finance Coordinator
Jenni Krchak, Administrative Assistant

Weddings and Rentals:
Heather Pfefferkorn, Venue Manager

Art Programs:
Derek Norman, Botanical Art Instructor

Bill Finch, Horticultural Consultant
John Olive, Horticultural Consultant

Maarten van der Giessen – President
Andrew Saunders – Past President
Robin Luce – VP, Finance
Bobby Green – VP, Horticulture
Mary Mullins Redditt – Secretary
John Shields – Treasurer

Dale Adams
David Brackin
Donna Camp
Jack DiPalma
Elizabeth Downing
Cullan Duke
John Goodloe III
Brenda Litchfield
Patrick McGough
Kitty Meshad
Carlos Parkman
Sherri Sindel
Greer Wilhelm
Betsy Yager
Mary Beth Allison (non-voting)
Jan Tanner (non-voting)