Thursday, April 6th, 7pm

Join us for a night of botanical delights and music…
Honorary Event Chairman, Ann Bedsole  –  Event Chairman, Brenda Huddle
Georgia Roussos Catering  –  Enen Yu accompanied by strings and piano ensemble

Title Sponsor – $25,000
The Hearin-Chandler Foundation

Rose – $600

  •  Listing in the Event Program
  •  4 Event Tickets

Maple – $5,000

  • Sponsor listing in program, and in all publicity materials.
  • Recognition of sponsorship on MBG website and link to sponsor site.
  • Recognition in our newsletter
  • 10 Tickets

Fern – $250

  • Listing in the Event Program
  • 2 Event Tickets

Camellia – $2,500

  • Sponsor listing in program and in all publicity materials.
  • Recognition of sponsorship on the MBG website and link to Sponsor site.
  • Recognition in our newsletter
  • 8 event Tickets

Herb – $125

  • Listing in the Event Program
  • 1 Event Ticket

Rhododendron – $1,250

  • Sponsor Listing in program and in all event publicity materials
  • Recognition on the MBG website
  • Recognition in the MBG newsletters
  • 6 Event Tickets

Please RSVP by March 31 to be included in the Event Program

No paper tickets will be mailed – Your name will be on a guest list

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Gingko – Title Sponsor $25,000
The Hearin-Chandler Foundation

Camellia – $2,500


Rose – $600
Bernard and Barbara Malkove
Andrew and Elise Saunders
Jana and Jim Simpson
Ann and Jack DiPalma
Skipper and Storey Walters
van der Giessen Nursery
Mike and Brenda Huddle
Dr. and Mrs. Stefan Ichim

Fern – $250
Mike and Kitty Meshad
John and Betsy Yager
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Meaher, In Honor of Ann Bedsole
Lowell and Bobette Friedman, In Honor of Ann Bedsole
Mrs. Cheryl Quinnelly
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Jenkins
Sid and Liz Brevard
Sugene and John Lawler
Shirley A. McKinney
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kinsaul
Kathy and Tom Zoghby
Ellen and Bill Shulman
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Howell
Sarah and Richard Cross
Beth and Robert Rouse
Dr. and Mrs. Dan Rencher
Art Forward
Dr. John and Gina Marymont
Mr. and Mrs. Agee S. Broughton, III
Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Witherington
Mark and Marilyn Foley
Kathy Bronstein
David and Nella MacRae
Donald and Holle Briskman
Dr. and Mrs. W. Allen Oaks
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Barrick
Mr. and Mrs. David Wilhelm
Mack and Betty Graham
Mary Jean and Calvin Clay
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Davis
Mary and William Dumas
Anne and David Walsh
Marc and Jinks Loeb
Derek and Ursel Norman
Carol and David Norris
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Eichold II
Linda and Sam St.John
Tom and Carole Delchamps
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Citrin
Dr. C. Luke Adams

Herb – $125
Bonney Irwin
Bob Harrison
Carlos Parkman
Brenda Litchfield
Gretchen McDermott
Rosemary  C. Johnson
Daniel M. Stover
Joan Coley
Marion A. Quina, Jr.
Mimi Lyons Bell
Sandy Blankenship
Mary Ann Lafleur
Doris Lanham
Valerie Vernon Case
Irvin Grodsky