Phase 1 of replanting the area damaged by fire caused by fireworks on July 3rd, started on August 8th! We have more to do, but we have PROGRESS!

Unfortunately a large Loquat tree was too damaged to save.

For previous information about the fire and damage in the Fragrance & Texture Garden see HERE!

Moonscape replanting

‘Moonscape’ Replanting Phase 1 August 7th 2015

Moonscape replanting post

Variegated Aspidistra gives good evergreen contrast in a shady area

Moonscape replanting post

Gingers, ferns, Saxifraga, azaleas… a lot more to plant, but a good start to our shady area.

Moonscape replanting post

Unfortunately this large Loquat tree had to be taken down by Roy. It was too damaged by the fire to save.