My first message to begin our Garden’s year in October, 2014 was done “By the Numbers”. Members seemed to like the format; many said it was a good start. So, I’ll try it again for this September 2015 message to close our year. Here we go:

The number of proposed new Directors for the Board who will be introduced and voted on by you.

The number of long-serving Directors now leaving the Board who have served two 3-year terms and will be recognized for their contributions.

The number of recently established staff-leadership positions that are now ably filled.
Come meet: Clint Burdette, Assistant Director & Horticultural Manager
Brad Chambers, Manager of Facilities & Construction

The number of dollars allocated to Mobile Botanical Gardens for infrastructure improvements through the efforts of our champion, City Council President Gina Gregory. These funds are part of the 3-year, city-wide infrastructure investment program initiated by Mayor Stimpson. Come hear our plans for making this investment count at MBG.

The number of monthly Focused Plant Sales which will take place between now and the end of 2015. Come hear how these sales (including the October Fall Plant Sale) are designed to better fulfill our mission at MBG(and how the new program increases revenue).

The percentage in increased Facilities Rental revenues we are realizing since remodeling our Botanical Center this year(and since adopting new management regimes).

The total amount of matching funds raised for the completion of our Butterfly / Pollinator Garden. Ultimately the challenge benefactor contributed $8,000 this year and our members and friends contributed a like amount. The construction will be completed this Fall.

Almost 19,000
The number of dollars allocated this year by the Gulf Coast Herb Society to complete renovations and enhancements to one of the most beautiful and visible gardens in our collection. Work included new lattice and fencing, drainage improvements, irrigation, lighting, paths, and signage.

The number of dollars raised this year mainly through the efforts of local nurseryman, MBG leader, and Azalea guru, Maarten van der Giessen for the expansion of our Rhododendron Garden. The expansion will house the unique Aromi Collection of cultivars. Some work is accomplished, but much remains to be done. (And additional funds will be needed).

The occasions of property damage and general set-backs that an institution such as ours experiences during the year from fire, flood, windstorm, lightening, the indifference of some, and the petty vandalism of others. Not whining nor complaining, just saying for the sake of balanced reporting.

The numbers of volunteers who come back year after year to support the Gardens by contributing their time and treasure. Without your contributions, the Mobile Botanical Gardens could not exist. Come to the Annual Meeting to celebrate what you accomplish for the community.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Gardens soon,
Andrew Saunders