From Derek Norman, our Botanical Art Instructor:

After you’ve cleaned out all of your closets several times, maybe, just maybe you may wish to consider a little painting & drawing. A momentary escape from your corona virus worries. Armed with pencil, paint brush and paper can take you to a world of calm and tranquility, one of peace and quiet – an opportunity to lift your spirits & enjoy the therapeutic benefits of unexpected relaxation.

Help us create MBG’s first virtual/actual botanical art exhibition. Draw and paint the flowers you have just purchased at the garden’s plant sale, or the plants in your garden or whatever botanical theme you choose to paint – it will all be part of The Art of Staying at Home exhibition!

And not forgetting the poets and writers of prose – send us your “brush with words” contributions!

Who can participate? Everyone! Young, old, experienced stick figure drawer, or DaVinci’s competition, everyone is welcome to participate!

SUBMIT your own work